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Think carefully when buying a used fiber splicing trailer

Buying a used fiber splicing trailer

Buy once cry once is the phrase that we like to use at Central Trailer Sales.  Many times over the years we have been in a situation where we needed something such as a forklift, tool, or other piece of equipment.  We jumped the gun and ran out on the web to seek out our new equipment.  The most recent large purchase that we made was a large Caterpillar forklift for our trailer business.  When we were shopping for the forklift online it met all the requirements. The company out of Ohio told us that the machine was in great condition, and had even had new tires.

Upon arrival we were totally excited to receive the new forklift to lift trailers off the semi trucks, and also to load customers fiber splicing trailers onto flatbed trailers to deliver to their companies.  The new tires looked amazing, it started, and moved.  However within the first day of using the forklift we realized that there were leaks, brake issues, broken parts, and non operational doors, and windows.  This forklift had experienced a long and hard life of abuse on the job.  

Used fiber splicing trailer
We are using this story to convey the message about used Splicing trailers, and even enclosed, and open trailers.  All trailers are designed to be used.  Trailer use is very different to trailer abuse.  Unfortunately not everyone treats their work tools or splicing trailers the same way, or better yet, most splicing trailers that are towed by employees are not treated like those of independent splicing contractors that work out of the splicing trailer that they worked have to save the money to buy over years.  

Central Trailer Sales has been in business for 29 years.  Our own experience in the used trailer business has been less than satisfactory.  Many times we have bought trailers that the owners have told us are in excellent condition, and later come to find that we need to replace axles, reweld suspensions, replace springs, doors, a/c units, and everything else in between.  Splicing trailers are no exception.  

used fiber trailer


When you are considering purchasing a used splicing trailer, it is important to budget for tires, suspension, brakes, and possibly axles.  While figuring out the repair budget for your used splicing trailer it is important to factor in the time you will need to manage these repairs, and also the labor that will be required to perform the repairs that your used splicing trailer will require.  

In addition to the known or budgeted repairs you will need.  It is important to remember that there are other areas that may have been overlooked or underestimated as weather conditions take a beating on the frame, and can actually eat away at your splicing trailer foundation.  

Fiber splicing trailer damage


When thinking about purchasing a used fiber splicing trailer, think very carefully about the implications of repairs, costs, headaches, and not being able to splice fiber while your fiber splicing trailer is in the repair facility.  The cost of the loss of business, reputation, and headache is often not worth it.