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Safe towing

Safe trailer towing Tulsa Oklahoma

Towing a trailer is serious business whether you are a professional driver in a 18 wheeler semi towing an enclosed trailer or flatbed lowboy trailer. It is essential that you take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe when you're on the road. Central Trailer Sales www.https://www.centraltrailerok.com always recommends maintaining your vehicle and trailer within the legal speed limits of the highway or road that you are on.  Actually it is better to tow a trailer slightly slower than the speed limit to avoid unnecessary dangerous, road hazards, animals crossing the road, or any type of vehicle that may pass into your path.

Trailer Safety Tulsa Oklahoma

The additional weight of a trailer creates a lot longer travel time when coming to a full and complete stop.  Central Trailer Sales highly recommends purchasing trailers with trailer brakes installed. This helps your vehicle stop quicker as the trailer will have its own braking system instead of relying on the brake system of your tow vehicle. This is a very inexpensive proposition for  the safety that it provides to your family and others as well as the cargo you are towing.

It is critical to check your lug nuts, tire pressures, safety chains, and make sure that your load is properly secured.  Failing to do so could make the difference in you arriving safely to your destination.  Speeding with a trailer in tow is extremely dangerous and an unnecesary risk that puts you and other in danger.  Imagine being involved in an accident with a trailer in tow! The additional weight can be lethal, especially if the trailer we to become loose and end up in incoming traffic.  Speed plays the most important role when towing a trailer.  Please consider these factors for your safety and others on the road.Trailer safety saves lives Oklahoma