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Picking the best landscape trailer for your business

Landscaping Trailer Central Trailer Sales Broken Arrow Oklahoma

Landscaping is a serious business.  It requires talent, tools, dedication, and hard work. The Landscaping business usually starts small, and gross quickly by customers referrals sending clients to your landscaping business.  Like all businesses, the landscape business is not without challenges. One challenge is that you will require multiple types of tools to maintain your customer's grounds, existing lawns, landscape shrubbery, and on and on. Each one of these skill sets will require a specific tool to do the job. It may even require that you have two of the same landscaping tools in the event that one goes down, or one is in repair. You will have redundancy; another one to continue  servicing your customers needs to avoid downtime. This means alot of capital invested in landscaping tools and equipment.  The tools required are much more expensive than the trailer used to pull them.

Landscaping Trailer with weed wacker racks Central Trailer Broken Arrow Oklahoma

The success of your landscaping business will be your ability to quickly service your customers. It will make no difference if you are landscaping a university, or your neighbors front yard. Your ability to get your machinery, and tools in and out quickly and efficiently is the key to making your business profitable. In addition, the most important factor is landscaping equipment safety. Your landscaping equipment is a serious investment, and should be protected at all times. It is not uncommon from time to time; while landscapers are out working on a property, equipment is stolen from the back of a truck, or small utility trailer. That is why the landscaping trailer is so important.  They are designed with landscaping equipment safety, and protection in mind. Landscaping trailers have locking weed wacker racks, 4’ foot high expanded metal sides, and lockable toolboxes. This does not mean that your landscape trailer is impenetrable, it means that it will slow down the potential for theft while you are out working, and keep the petty opportunist away from targeting your business. 

Landscaping Trailer Spring Assisted Ramp 83"X16' tandem axle with weedwacker racks Central Trailer Sales Broken Arrow Oklahoma

When selecting a landscape trailer it is critical to really consider whether you will need an open trailer where your tools and materials are exposed, or an enclosed trailer where you can secure all your tools and assets in an enclosed trailer. There are benefits using a landscaping trailer, and also to using an enclosed trailer. 

It's very important to really consider the pros and cons in your own business.  Both landscaping and enclosed trailers which can also be used as a landscaping trailer can be equipped with different size axles providing you a greater  GVWR = gross vehicle weight rating. As previously mentioned. In the landscaping business the most important component is  securing your assets which may be parked in front of your home at night, or left unattended on the work site while you are around the back side of a building landscaping the property.  Consider how and where you work and your exposure to crime before deciding on a traditional landscape trailer, or an enclosed trailer with a ramp door for your landscape trailer. 

Best Landscaping Trailers Tulsa Oklahoma

Landscape trailers https://www.centraltrailerok.com/all-inventory/landscape-trailers are available in single and tandem axle configurations. Most of the time we recommend that landscapers purchase a  tandem axle trailer as they are carrying a decent amount of weight and tools behind the tow vehicle. In the event of a blowout the tandem or dual  axle provides stability for your trailer preventing it from flipping over. This means keeping your equipment safe! Again, the most important component in your business are your assets or tools which provide you with a way of generating income.

One of the most important parts that no one ever speaks about in the landscaping business is the marketing. When you have  an enclosed trailer you have the entire surface area of the sides and back of the trailer that can be used for marketing your business. Imagine you have a landscaping business with a free billboard rolling down the highway, or parked at a job site. this with your logo, website, phone number, Instagram account for your landscaping business is priceless. When I think about that aspect of the trailer and the fact that it is secure and also provides me with an incredible marketing and advertising opportunity I really think that it has more upside than downside.

Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Landscaping Trailer 83"X16' 4' Sides Central Trailer Sales

Landscape trailers can also be equipped with winches, tarp kits, and many other types of accessories. Please feel free to reach out to Central trailer sales https://www.centraltrailerok.com/ in Broken Arrow Oklahoma to answer any type of questions you may have. We are able to build custom trailers to meet your exact specifications. We look forward to hearing from you.

Landscape Equipment Trailer 83"X16' with ramp door and spring assisted gate central trailer sales tulsa oklahoma