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Off Road Trailer Camping

Sometimes a vacation can be jumping on an airplane and ending up in a foreign country on the 20th floor of a Beachside Hotel. But for others like me, vacation means something a little more extreme. If you’re into adventure overlanding, vacation means getting to know remote areas, and as far from cell phone service as possible. Overland adventures come with a little more prep than a traditional getaway vacation.

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Are Off-Road Trailer the right solution for your Overland Vacation Adventures?

In preparation for your trip to explore the wildest areas of the US, Central Trailer Sales recommends investing in an off road trailer. In this article, we’ll cover some of the benefits of an off-road trailer, and why it may be the perfect vehicle for you in your adventures.

Light but rugged

If you're thinking about adding a recreational vehicle to your off-road arsenal, An off-road trailer is the perfect solution to be able to access hard to pass roads with a lightweight compact and rugged camping solution. Our off road trailers are compact And light enough that most passenger vehicles and trucks are able to pull them regardless of the engine size.Additionally the smaller size means that you do not have to waste the tremendous amount of  money on fuel to get you where you're going, also cuts down on the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Matte Black Off Road Trailer Overland Camping 7'X16' Tandem Toy Hauler

Towing with ease 

Because of their size and their small footprint oh, these off road trailers are far more manageable to tow than any travel trailer, or RV for that matter. The Offroad Design with the Torsion axles makes them extremely friendly on rough roads and also allows them to turn on a dime, and manage the roughest roads, bumps, trees, river crossings. The specialized wheels and axles allows them to have much greater travel distance from the highway or trails allowing Great maneuverability even on the roughest Terrain.

Off Road Fiber Splicing Trailer Off grid camping or splicing

Off Road Customs

All of the trailers that Central Trailer Sales sells can be customized to your specific needs.  We offer customized colors, length, height, widths, Air Conditioning, Heating, generator pads, electrical circuitry, Outlets, LED lighting, axle capacity, Wheel and Tire customization, generator installation , stereo, and anything your mind can dream up 

Off Road Comfort Zone

Choosing an off-road trailer allows you to get off the grid in pure comfort. They offer many of the benefits  of a full-sized trailer, however they also exceed the benefits because they have the ability to go off-road without problem. This enables you to get to the most pristine campgrounds without being Limited to the traditional campsites lots of people that are far from the places you really want to go and see. Most of their trailers are outfitted with insulation and air conditioning units which allow you to sleep in a safe place while being totally comfortable in your off road trailer, or bed. 


Off Road Off Grid Electric

Traditional camping penitent means that you leave a lot of your Creature Comforts behind. Well those days are over in your new off-road trailer. Our off road trailers come fully equipped with Outlets, circuits, led lighting inside and outside  the trailer.  There's more than enough juice to be able to power all your Creature Comforts from cookers, to your nice sound system.