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Maintenance can increase trailer safety and prevent accidents

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It is critical to inflate your tires on your trailer to the appropriate tire pressure. Low tire pressure on trailers that are loaded create excessive heat which ultimately will lead to a blowout on your trailer. In addition to inflating your tires to the proper pressure. Central Trailer sales of Tulsa recommends that you Grease the bearings on your trailer axles every two thousand miles. In addition to greasing your  trailer bearings. A simple laser thermometer that cost $10 at Harbor Freight will enable you to check your bearing temperature without having to remove the wheel. You can simply point the laser thermometer at your axle and take your temperature reading. If you noticed that one of the wheels on your trailer is hotter than the others this is a clear indication that it is overheating due to lack of lubrication.

Trailer Maintenance prevents accidents Tulsa Oklahoma

The remedy to keep your trailer in good working order is to always carry a grease gun with you on your trip, the laser thermostat, and apply this routine trailer check whenever you stop for fuel take a moment to take a measurement of the temperature on your trailer wheel. In addition, Central Trailer Sales of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma recommend that every 300 miles you check your lug nuts on the trailer axles to verify that they are still snug and tight to avoid a wheel  coming loose and falling off your trailer. a loose trailer wheel that flies off into traffic would be a seriously dangerous situation.  These simple preventive measures can prevent an accident.

Maintaining Trailer Bearings Prevents accidents

Before taking off on a road trip with your trailer it is critical to inspect your tires to make sure that they have not been affected by dry rot. It is very common that infrequent users of trailers will leave their trailer in the hot sun and the tires will become dry and rotted. This greatly affects the potential for a blowout which  could lead to a terrible accident. An additional safety measure is to have a breakaway system connected to your vehicle. The trailer breakaway system activates when a pin is pulled from the device indicating that your trailer has come loose and will activate the brakes on the trailer preventing a serious accident.