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Diamond C Trailers

Diamond C Trailers Oklahoma

Diamond C Trailers:


For over 35 years, Diamond C has been manufacturing the highest quality gooseneck, equipment haulers, car haulers,  dump trailers and specialty trailers. Diamond C is the highest quality trailer in the industry. When you see the Diamond C trailer next to another product of the same category there is a noticeable difference in the overall appearance, quality, engineered beams, workmanship, finish quality,  and attention to detail. Central Trailer Sales of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is proud to sell the highest quality products manufactured by Diamond C.


Diamond C Deck Over Tandem Axle with Pintle Hitch Central Trailer Sales Tulsa Oklahoma

Diamond C manufactures a wide variety of heavy duty dump trailers, equipment trailers
“Haulers,”scissor lift trailers, car haulers, gooseneck trailers, tilt bed trailers, and most work trailers from 3500 lb axles all the way up to 15000 lb axles offering a wide variety of hauling solutions.  These trailers are available in bulldog, gooseneck, and pintle style hitches to meet your towing requirement.

Diamond C dump trailers offer an assortment of lifts from scissor left to telescopic lift and even hydraulic dovetails on deck over equipment haulers.  This Diamond C product mix provides an incredibly robust offering of all types of trailers to meet each company or individual's specific hauling needs. Diamond C trailers have options to meet the most demanding customer.  We have hydraulic over disc brakes, dual tandem axles, air ride suspension, hutch suspension, hydraulic dove tails,  tilt decks, on the most heavy duty trailers in the industry.  This offering sets Diamond C apart from the competition and is why Diamond C is referred to as the leader in the industry in both quality, and innovation.  

Diamond C at Central Trailer Sales Deckover with Stand up Ramps Tandem Axle 12000 lb axles Pintle Hitch

Diamond C equipment haulers are second to none.  Their innovation on the engineered beam structure, pop up winch, stand up ramps are the highest quality in the industry.  You can specify the axle size, wheels, tires, ramps, lighting, winch packages, and even a color to match your tow vehicle. 

Diamond C Heavy Duty Adjustable Pintle Hitch

Diamond C Manufacturing:

Diamond sees patented technology starting at the base Foundation of its trailer. The main I beam is engineered for maximum strength and to minimize wait. This is a result of years of research and development. This Diamond C process has provided the company with a first-mover advantage in the industry by providing a lighter and stronger trailer than their competition with the same size trailers. Additionally, engineered beams allow for the stress points to be distributed over an arc; rather than sharp angles which are the weak points in trailers. The  major areas of weight where stress and cracks can occur are now diminished as the result of engineered beams. This results in a safer and long lasting trailer by negating the fatigue and stress on gooseneck and engineering i-beams.

Diamond C Tandem Dual Hydraulic Tilt Pintle Equipment Hauler Central Trailer Sales

Buy Once and Cry Once:

Diamond C Triple axle dual wheel trailer with deck on the neck Central Trailer Sales Tulsa Oklahoma


When you are purchasing a tool you want to make sure you get the best tool for the job. If your equipment fails you, that means you are out of work, with unplanned downtime. When you invest in a trailer make sure that you purchase a product that is well designed and manufactured to last the test of time and give you as little problem as possible. In the long run when you compare this critical benchmark you will realize that you are actually saving money purchasing the better built product supported with after sales service. The old adage, time is money.


Central Trailer Sales:

Central Trailer Sales stocks and sells the entire line of Diamond C trailers https://www.centraltrailerok.com/all-inventory?manufacturer=diamond+c+trailers.  in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  We offer and stock the entire line of Diamond C FMAX Goosenecks, Dump Trailers, Equipment Haulers, Scissor Lift Trailers, Car Haulers, Pintle Trailers, and the entire line of Diamond C products.