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Choosing a Fiber Splicing Trailer

Fiber splicing requires a lot of talent.  Imagine having to splice fiber stands of glass fiber optic cable; out on the side of the road in a tent, back or a van, or a car for that matter.  This makes life a lot more challenging, especially since fiber is supposed to be spliced in a dirt-free, moisture-free environment.  Working in these conditions is extremely tough in addition to the already challenging job of splicing microscopic strands of glass wire to The internet is so important in our world that fiber splicing is now one of the most important parts of our daily lives as fiber splicing is the backbone of everything in business, homes, and personal lives.

Central Trailer Sales https://www.centraltrailerok.com/ offers one of the best-made, affordable fiber-splicing trailers available on the market.  We sold our first splicing trailer around 10 years ago which was a custom order for a local customer. He wanted a steel-framed trailer after having issues with his current aluminum-framed trailer. 


The real beauty of these trailers is the build quality. Central Trailer Sales has always sold the best Fiber Splicing trailer out there. We have sold the Cargo Craft trailers for nearly 25 years. They use thick wall 1” steel tubing which is fully welded. This means less flex and more strength than other manufacturers’ construction. The competition used sheet metal “hat” channels which are lengths of thin sheet metal formed to be more rigid. Cargo Craft’s tongues are triple-tube while others only use two tubes.

Our fiber-splicing trailer roofs are constructed of steel while the competition uses aluminum. Steel is used obviously for increased strength. All roof bracing is 1” steel tubing as well. Crossmembers are doubled up where the AC unit is placed. This means an extremely durable roof that is leak resistant. Aluminum tread plate stone guard is used on all corners and low on the front for protection and it just looks nice. It protects the trailer from hail, rocks, and road hazards.


The outer skin is .030 aluminum and can be upgraded to .040 with color choices that you can dream up. We have built splicing trailers in matte white, matte black, army bronze, and many other custom colors to match tow vehicles and company images.  Your imagination is welcome to create your custom splicing trailer color.  In addition to color options, we have the ability to build the splicing trailers with custom splicing tables that help you to splice fiber safely and efficiently in the comfort of a solid and secure temperature-controlled environment.  We have clients that have outfitted their splicing trailers with stereos, televisions, internet, safety lighting, LED lighting, generators, beds, and all types of custom fiber splicing trailer designs.


While fiber splicing you get to enjoy a super interior that is white vinyl-wrapped plywood, walls, and ceiling, with an aluminum upgrade. This means an easy-to-clean, nice-looking interior that will last for years to come. Both are insulated. ¾” Nudo board is used for the trailer's floor. This is an indestructible, waterproof floor that has a hard-toothed rubber surface. This means mud and water will be no problem. After all, this is a work trailer. There are two RV-style 15”x24” windows, tinted with screens. On the side and rear are two walk-in doors with RV-style latches and bar locks. 


There are two 16”x16” lockable fiber splicing hatches with cat whisker plates that swing out of the way to get the cable into the trailer. A full-length countertop offers the perfect work surface.


Our trailers have five interiors and 2 exterior electrical duplex electrical plugs. Plenty of power to run your fiber splicing tools, and all your other equipment needed to provide an excellent splicing work area. On the ceiling are two 4’ LED lighting fixtures as well as two amiable exterior LED work lights. Everything is wired into a 30A breaker box with a shore cord hard wired. The generator plug is a 3-prong RV style.  A Coleman or Dometic 13.5k BTU roof-mounted air conditioning unit is used to keep things cool.


The triple-tube tongue is extended which makes it easier to pull and back up. And there are the little things like drip caps above all doors. Rear stabilizer jacks. A 12v dome light. A break-away safety switch.  All exterior trailer lights are LED. The coupler is 2-5/16”.On the tongue is a generator platform to place the generator of your choice to power your fiber splicing tools. Cargo Craft uses Dexter axles exclusively on their fiber-splicing trailers. Dexter has always had one of the best names out there. Both axles are the E-Z lube style with brakes on both axles, not just the rear. 205/75/15 6-ply tires on 15” steel mod rims are used. In the event, you need axle parts they are readily available at most trailer parts locations so you have as little downtime splicing as possible.

Off Road Splicing Trailer 6'X10' with splicing doors, generator, and air conditioning Central Trailer Sales

We have the ability to build all sizes and widths of fiber splicing trailers.  We stock numerous fiber splicing trailers with varied options to help our customers https://www.centraltrailerok.com/all-inventory/fiber-splicing-trailers, in addition, we can build you your custom spec'd fiber splicing trailer in about 7 weeks time from the time of order.  Feel free to call us with your questions you may have.