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Are Gooseneck Dump Trailers really stronger or better than bumper pull dumps? That depends on the application!

In construction there are all types of trades that require different skill sets, and tools. Even though construction companies or trades perform work for customers that is very different. They have one very special tool in common; the dump trailer. This specialized tool is probably the most expensive tool out there, but once purchased saves carpenters, roofers, demolitionists,  landscapers, pool companies time and a lot of money.  I'm talking about the infamous bumper pull or gooseneck dump trailer. Time is money and cannot be bought at any price that is the reason to invest in a dump trailer. 

Rawmaxx Gooseneck Dump Trailer 83X16 tandem 7K axles


The dump trailer is the backbone and  bread, and butter and staple of all construction industries. The dump trailer allows each company to transport their own materials, debris, specialty tools, or heavy equipment in the dump bin along with tools, and materials. Once the dump trailer is on the job site, the skid steer, bobcat, excavator, or other equipment can be removed to perform work. The then loaded  dump trailer with the raw materials, or debris to be removed from the job site, and emptied at the landfill location. The dump can easily be used for loading debris, unloading sand, unloading rock, cement, and whatever you need for the specific job you are doing. The dump trailer is awesome because it has a lot of versatility, and allows small and large companies to manage and perform activities like (loading raw materials, transporting heavy equipment, hauling away debris) that most companies have to hire out to others at a cost. The ability to load your own dump trailer, and then dump it at your leisure when you're done is priceless, and saves time and money.  Additionally your customers will take you very seriously when they see you roll up on site with a well built dump trailer. Not to mention, that you can add your logo and phone number to the dump trailer which is a fantastic rolling billboard behind the tow vehicle, or on the actual job site on its own.

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There are many types of dump trailers on the market. Bumper pull style dump trailers, gooseneck style dump trailers, and gooseneck roll off dump trailers. Each one can do the job fantastically well, but offers a slightly different hauling and dumping experience. Many people assume that a gooseneck dump trailer is stronger than that of a bumper pull dump trailer. This is actually not the case. Over the many years we have been in the trailer business, Central Trailer Sales of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma https://www.centraltrailerok.com/ has purchased and sold some bumper pull dump trailers that had heavier duty high capacity axles then “some” of the goosenecks that we have sold. The issue is more about the work application, and size of the trailer that the customer needs for his or her business. The size of the gooseneck frame does not necessarily mean that the dump trailer is greater in strength or capabilities than the same size bumper pull dump trailer. 

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Dump trailers in bumper pull, and gooseneck are available in a multitude of sizes, axle capacity, side wall height, tire plys, lift type, solar panels, and wireless remotes to control the dump. https://www.centraltrailerok.com/all-inventory/dump-trailers It all comes down to the specific work application the dump trailer will be used for while in the field. Many construction companies have limitations on who will be coupling the dump trailer to the tow vehicle. In this case a bumper pull is easier to couple “hitch” than a gooseneck. The general footprint of a bumper pull dump trailer is considerably smaller than that of a gooseneck which has the frame extending up and over the bed of the truck. Again this has nothing to do with the capabilities of dump trailers, it's just an issue of practicality, or specific need with regards to how many people are required to couple the trailer, and  uncouple the trailer. 

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Some companies that work in metropolitan areas, or small spaces like pool builders prefer bumper pull for its smaller footprint.  Bumper pool dumps come in smaller sizes and do not have the large gooseneck frame which makes their size smaller. The gooseneck dump trailer, or roll off dump trailer will typically require two persons to maneuver the truck and trailer to be able to quickly and easily attach the gooseneck to the hitch inside the bed of the tow vehicle. The overall frame size of the gooseneck dump trailer makes it harder to maneuver in small spaces.  This is something to consider when purchasing a dump trailer.

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The key benefit of the bumper pull dump trailer is that it is easier to manage on your own; one person operating the dump trailer. It does not have any significant downside in terms of its performance. Both bumper pull and gooseneck dump trailers have the same options available for each trailer. For example you can get a bumper pull dump trailer or gooseneck dump trailer with a telescopic lift, you could purchase either one with eight thousand pound axles, you could get both with 14 ply tires, the sides could be expanded to 4 ft in height, and both dump trailers would be capable of accomplishing the same activities in the same exact length and width.  We want to clarify this because there's a misconception about  performance when comparing a gooseneck dump vs. a bumper pull dump trailer.  .

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On the flip side, the gooseneck dump trailer because of its design allows for the weight distribution of the dump trailer load to be distributed over the dump trailer axles. Also some of the weight is transferred to the tow vehicle, or truck in front of the truck's rear axle.  Distributing the weight of the load over a greater surface area you have a more pleasant towing experience, and can actually increase your hauling capacity by approximately 18% as you are using the rear axle of the tow vehicle.  Some dump trailer manufacturers will actually increase their GVWR to consider the tow vehicle axle in the load capacity.  Placing the gooseneck  into the bed of the truck or tow vehicle in front of the rear axle provided a better towing experience. The tow vehicle will not squat down as much as the bumper pull as the weight is distributed over the rear axle of the tow vehicle in addition to the  two axles on the dump trailer. This provides for a more controlled tow experience under maximum capacity in the dump trailer. It is highly important to remember that dump trailers all have a maximum capacity of load that should not be exceeded. Exceeding the maximum capacity that the dump trailer was designed for would be extremely dangerous while traveling down the road. In addition may prevent the dump trailer from dumping as the hydraulic system may not be able to elevate the lift Into the dumping position.

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Safety is the primary factor for yourself, and others on the highway. An overloaded dump trailer is absolutely dangerous, and could be a projectile in the event that it were to come loose or cause your tow vehicle.  We actually witnessed an overloaded bumper pull dump trailer break the ball off a bumper on highway 51 outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma and fortunately travel into the shoulder before stopping.  Imagine if the dump trailer had gone into oncoming traffic.  Overloading a dump trailer, or any type of trailer beyond its maximum weight would be considered negligence.  If someone were hurt as a result, you may be liable In the case of an accident for overloading the dump trailer which would be considered negligent.  Dump trailers are awesome tools but must be bought with the right specifications, properly maintained, and operated within the designed specifications for the safety of all on the road and job sites.

Diamond C Dump Trailer with solar charger 83X14 tandem axle Tulsa Oklahoma