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Utility trailers and DIY go hand in hand.  No matter what type of project you are involved with around your home or business, the utility trailer is your best friend for hauling building materials from the hardware store, loading an appliance, mower, motorcyle, firewood, toolbox, bicycles, flooring materials, and anything you can possibly imaging.  The utility trailers come in a variety of sizes from 5X8 all the way to 83"X24' combo utility - atv - side by side hauler.  Utility trailers are avaiable in a variety of axle sizes to help you safely trailer - haul your load without a hitch. Most weekender DIYers are good to go with a standard 3500lb axle.  If you are hauling more weight longer distances it would be best to consider a tandem axle which is also a 3500 lb axle but the utility trailer will be equipped with two axles instead of one.  The benefit of tandem axles is the ability to safely haul, or trailer more weight, as well as having two additional tires in the event that one had a blow out.  Tandem axles usually will have an additional benefit of a brake axle to help slow down and stop the vehicle and utility trailer.  Typically smaller utility trailers that are single axle do not have the benefit of the brake axle, also they have a much more limited load and hauling capacity as the result.  Some utility trailers are equipped with a 4' expanded metal ramp door in the rear of the trailer.  4' provides less of an angle for loading then a 2' ramp gate.  Remember to check and see if the utility trailer ramp gate has a spring assist on it.  Steel gates become very heavy after a days work, also if you have back injuries it would really make sense to purchase a trailer with spring assist to avoid further injury to your body. They are heavy and have to be picked up off the ground, and pinned into the transport position.  

One thing is for sure when you decide to purchase a utilty traler.  You will automatically be the hero of the neighborhood, and friends come out of the woodwork to borrow your utilty trailer. When aquiring a utilty trailer be sure to ask about the axle size, braking capabilities, spring assisted ramp, led lights, hitch size, and take a close look at the quality of welds, and locations of the welds.  

Lastly, when purchasing a new or used utiltiy trailer, or any type of trailer. Make sure that you install a gps airtag, or samsung galaxy tag to protect your trailer.  Trailer theft is on the rise and this can help you to thwart the theft of your own personal trailer.  

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