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Off Road Trailers


If you are looking for serious fun and off-grid adventure; an off-road trailer may be the 1st class ticket to satisfying your need for extreme adventure; while having some creature comforts. Imagine being able to access camping in the most beautiful places the planet has to offer with your off-road trailer. Off-road trailers are rugged and tough and can get you to the most secluded, and off-the-beaten-path locations. These trailers take you places that would never be possible in a motorhome, or camper.

These off-road trailers are capable of carrying all your off-grid - over-landing gear, and even accommodate your ATV, or side by side, and still be able to push through untamed terrain. The accommodations are incredibly inviting.  When you are over-landing you can drop the ramp door and set it up as a porch with the attached stabilizer jacks and enjoy lunch or dinner while checking out a mountain range, beautiful lake, sunset, or next to a river and hear the sound of water going downstream.  

Off Road 8.5'X16' Cargo Craft Trailer


Off-road trailers are the ultimate overland vehicle when combined together with your jeep, four-wheel-drive truck, or army surplus hummer.   These trailers have beefed-up suspensions, frames, and structures that enable them to overland with complete ease.  Off-road trailers are extreme. Whether you are crossing a river or going over large rocks. The off-road trailer makes it possible to do so with the 32” off-road wheels tire combination, and custom torsion axle suspension designed to manage all types of overland terrain.  Standard clearance height on the off-road trailers is 19” off the ground.  This makes rough roads, rivers, and tough terrain a piece of cake to traverse.


Let's talk about what makes an off-road trailer different from an RV or camper trailer.  These trailers have incredibly well-built steel frames, square steel uprights, and horizontals in the roof every 16” like the walls in your home. There is nothing flimsy or cheap on Cargo Craft off-road trailer.  Their off-road trailers are insulated and equipped with thicker aluminum skins which really make a difference in keeping you warm in the winter, or cool in the summer.  The overall construction of the off-road trailer compared to a travel trailer, or camping trailer is far more heavy-duty and durable.

Cargo Craft 8.5'X16' Off Road Trailer Toy Hauler Central Trailer Sales


A 4X4 truck or Jeep matched to an off-road trailer is unbeatable for accessing the best camping, and off-grid locations. An RV or camper cannot manage the terrain like the off-road trailer, nor does it have the suspension, or clearance height. The ultimate camping experiences and off-grid locations require an off-road trailer. 

When you are out camping, fishing, ATV riding, or eating in or outside the off-road trailer, you have plenty of lighting inside the trailer as well as party lighting outside to add ambiance to your camping experience at nightfall.  The trailer is also configured with interior outlets and exterior outlets.  This creature comforts help out with outside cooking gear, additional lighting, stereo, or whatever you want to do off-grid.  

Cargo Craft Single Axle Off Road Trailer Central Trailer Sales

Most Cargo Craft off-road trailers come outfitted with an aluminum roof rack and aluminum access ladder.  This option is one of the coolest of all. This allows you to have extra room for canoes, kayaks, and best of all set up a tent platform on the top of the roof to sleep under the stars. This makes for an incredible night's sleep, or a romantic getaway with your special person.  This option is by far the most talked about the option of all off-road trailer owners. 

The Cargo Craft off-road trailer interior height is set at 6’6” from the factory, however, this ceiling height can be modified up or down to your liking. We can easily have this modified to your specific requirements.  6’.6” height allows good walkable height.  If you are taller than 6’4” it would be better to increase the height by 4”-6” to clear the roof-mounted air conditioner unit standing up straight. The interior and exterior finish is clean and neat with the white insulated walls.  

Cargo Craft Off Road Trailer Black Central Trailer Sales Tulsa Oklahoma


Outer off-road trailer walls are also steel beam-covered aluminum with a custom skin which is typically .40mm compared to the industry standard of .20-.25mm aluminum.  Besides having better color selections like matte black, matte gray, and bronze. These thicker .40mm skins are great protection against road hazards, and hail. They also provide an excellent weather barrier.  The inside is as awesome as the outside.  There are (2)  4’ overhead led lights to light up the interior of the trailer.  The white walls and ceiling reflect light extremely well and illuminate very well. 

Additionally, most of our Cargo Craft off-road trailers come with an adjustable or even removable hitch. This allows you to raise and lower your towing angle on your vehicle.  Additionally to switch from a ball hitch to a pintle hitch if the need arises.  Also, another benefit of the removable hitch is that it keeps your off-road trailer a bit safer when in storage.

Black Off Road Trailer with Escape Door 8.5'X16' Central Trailer Sales Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


In addition to the off-road camping and toy hauler trailers.  We also offer custom-made fiber splicing trailers in the off-road configuration.  They are based on the same off-road trailer design with the configuration for fiber splicing. 

Central Trailer Sales is a family-owned and operated business. We are one of the leading off-road trailer dealers in the United States. Forward-thinking, vision, and innovation with our manufacturer's partners allow us to provide some of the best off-road trailers in the industry. 

So, if you’re looking for the best-in-class work trailers, camping trailers, toy haulers, off-road trailers, or multi-use trailers for sale in Oklahoma, or the Mid-West region, you’ve definitely found the right place.

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