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Central Trailer Sales offers high-quality Landscape Trailers at great prices.
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All trades have the required tools. The landscaping business is no different.  The lawn or landscape trailer is the most important tool in landscaping or the lawn care business. These trailers are key as this is the transport vehicle for all the other tools that will be riding from location to location.  Additionally, the landscape trailer which is typically 83"X16' will allow you to quickly and safely load and unload your mowers, zero-turn, or lawn tractor.  The landscape trailer also has lockable storage locations for hand tools and a weed wacker on the expanded metal side wall of the landscape trailer.  The ability to lock up your tools within the trailer, in the toolbox, and on the weed wacker racks is really important as they are valuable and can easily be stolen from a standard utility trailer.  The landscaping trailer is truly the best value for any type of lawn mowing services, landscaping, sprinkler companies, and groundskeeping companies.  

Landscape Trailer 83"X16' Central Trailer Sales

Central Trailers has been selling lawn and landscape trailers for over 25 years. Our experience has told us to stay with the better-built manufacturers and designs which can withstand daily use as well as aggressive employees that will never treat your equipment as you would. As well, these designs can wear several hats such as leaf and trash removal, hauling motorcycles and ATVs, general utility service, etc. And because of the high wall design, you get added security from someone reaching over and "borrowing" your equipment.

Landscaping Trailer Bed 83"X16' Treated Wood Deck Central Trailer Broken Arrow

These trailers come in single and tandem axles, have rear ramp gates, treated wood floors, 60" thru 83" widths, and 10' thru 20' lengths. Trimmer racks and lockable equipment boxes are options. Our trailers are built with C-channel mainframes and treated wood floors for durability. 4' sides seem to be the most popular however 2' and 3' expanded metal sides are available. Axle sizes range from 3500# to 8000#. Heavy-duty rear ramp gates are also available.

Landscape Trailer Weed Wacker locking racks

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