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Fiber Splicing Trailers

Central Trailer Sales offers high-quality Fiber Splicing Trailers at great prices.
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Off Road White Fiber Splicing Trailer 7'X12' Central Trailer Sales

Since 1999 Central Trailer Sales in Broken Arrow has specialized in designing and selling fiber-splicing trailers.  We offer a wide variety of trailers for fiber-splicing professionals.  We have been designing and selling fiber splicing trailers for over ten years and built a solid reputation with fiber splicers, telcos, internet isps, oil field engineering, and municipalities. 

Fiber Splicing Trailer Central Trailer Sales

Our fiber splicing trailers are available in several lengths, widths 6'X10' tandem, 7'X12' tandem, , heights, and axle sizes Splicing Trailer Inventory  We have trailers that have splicing cabinets, drawers, generators, air conditioning, heating, insulated walls, rock guards, ladder racks, over-roof storage, custom splicing tables, and even your choice of colors to match your tow vehicle, or company branding and logo.  Custom colors are denser and really add additional protection from the elements, rocks, and road hazards while adding structural integrity.

 Off road fiber splicing trailers

We stock several types of fiber splicing trailers from 6'X10', and 7'X12' urban splicing trailers, and off-road splicing trailers for rural areas, or areas that are prone to snow and ice.  Our splicing trailers have been tried and proven over the ten years with the most demanding splicing professionals.  Central Trailer Sales is able to design custom fiber splicing trailers in any size, as well as ship our on hand units, and deliver them to your location anywhere in the contiguous United States.  

White Fiber Splicing Trailer Tulsa 7'X12'

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