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Dump Trailers

Rawmaxx Gooseneck 16' Dump Trailer with scissor lift

Central Trailer Sales offers a wide variety of dump trailers, roll-off trailers, and roll-off bins in all sizes.  Our dump and roll-off trailers are available in both bumper pull and gooseneck dump trailer configurations.  The dump and roll-off trailers we sell are professional-grade trailers that are tailor-made to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.  If you are in landscaping, dirt work, home renovation, roofing, farming, tree cutting, or any other type of heavy work environment, the dump trailer could become the best tool in your arsenal.   

Blue Diamond C Dump Trailer Central Trailer Sales

Dump trailers and roll-offs come in many sizes ranging from small dumps which are 6X8, 7X12, 83"X14',  83X16' up to 24' in length.  We offer our dump trailers with scissor lifts or telescopic lifts which are capable of lifting heavy loads of dirt, gravel, roofing materials, tree trunks, remodeling debris, and even hauling your skid steer. 

Rawmaxx Gooseneck Dump Trailer 83"X16' Central Trailer Oklahoma

Dump trailers have quickly become one of the most popular tools of the trade.  Dump trailers are available with a variety of options ranging from solar charging, wireless remote control, hydraulic jack stands, higher side walls ranging from 2'-4' various tire plys from 10-16 ply, and colors that match your truck.  

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