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Central Trailer Sales offers high-quality Concession Trailers at great prices.
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Concession Trailers Tulsa Oklahoma:

Central Trailer Sales offers custom-made concession trailers from 8'.5"X 12' to 8'.5" X 24' in length.  We specialize in designing concession trailers that are built to our customer's specifications and also meet the health department requirements for concession trailer health department licensing.  Our concession trailers can be outfitted with custom cabinetry, sinks, water capacity, gray water tanks, generator platforms, air conditioning, heating, lighting, and concession retail window.  We have customers that purchase concession trailers for coffee shops, chicken wings, hamburgers, tacos, and burritos. 

Concession Trailer Red Central Trailer Sales

We have also built custom-made concession trailers for banking, mobile offices, dog grooming, and many other types of mobile retail business that lends themselves to a concession trailer.  Our concession trailers are made in America with exceptional craftsmanship.  They are warrantied for three years from manufactures defects.  

Interior Concession Trailer 8'.5" X 16' white walls and ceiling

Concession trailers can obtain the same food retailing privelidges as a resturant with a much lower overhead in rent than a traditional resturant. Additionally concession trailers can sometimes obtain free rent by bringing customers onto a retail location by means of consumers frequenting the concession trailer.  Food trailers also allow the propreiter to move his or her trailer to events, or areas which have a large captive audience that would be potential consumers of the concession trailers product for sale. Lastly, when the owner of the concession trailer would like to take a holiday it is much easier to shut down operations termporarily unlike a traditional resturant.  There are many marketing possibilities and true cost benefits with concession trailers.  Central Trailer has designed and built concession trailers for food, bbq, coffee, and all types of retail experiences. Give us a ring to talk about your dream business that would require a custom made or stock concession trailer.

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