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Why Choose An Enclosed Cargo Trailer?

Customers often find themselves stuck with the decision between open and enclosed cargo trailers when shopping for trailers. While both can get the job done, there are a few key differences that set an enclosed cargo trailer apart. These versatile trailers, often referred to as cargo trailers, offer unique benefits that differentiate them from other trailer types. However, it's essential to explore both the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Protecting Your Cargo

The biggest difference between cargo trailers and open trailers lies in their construction and ability to protect cargo from the elements. If keeping your haul dry and clean is a priority, enclosed cargo trailers are the clear choice.

Considerations For Hauling

Understanding what you'll be hauling is a crucial starting point. Think about what you’ll be hauling, whether it's equipment, materials, pallets, vehicles, or motorcycles. The size of your haul helps estimate the cargo's weight, determining the required trailer axle size. For instance, if transporting a show car in an enclosed 8.5'X24' tandem axle trailer with (2) 3500lb axles (7000lb GVWR), careful consideration of the load weight is essential. Adjusting axle size becomes essential to prevent overloading, and enhance cargo trailer capacity.

Frame Construction

The frame construction of an enclosed cargo trailer ties directly into the trailer's durability. High-quality trailers are constructed with solid steel frames and 1” square steel uprights every 16” in walls and ceiling. This type of construction ensures maximum structural integrity, providing a long-lasting trailer that protects your cargo. Cheaper alternatives with folded sheet metal uprights lack the same strength. Construction that features insulation or reinforced walls further aids in protection against the elements.

Skin And Color Options

Enclosed cargo trailers come with different skin options. The “skin” refers to the primarily aluminum exterior enclosing the trailer. Skin options are available in various colors and thicknesses. Common colors include red, black, and white, with white being a popular choice for its branding potential and ability to reflect sunlight, keeping the interior cooler.

Loading Doors

Enclosed trailers offer two main types of loading doors: barn doors and ramp doors. While ramp doors facilitate easy loading and unloading of wheeled items, barn doors are a better choice for forklift access. The choice between the two depends on your specific application and loading needs, so before making a choice between the two, be sure to consider your cargo.

Buying A Cargo Trailer From Central Trailers

In the realm of cargo trailers, not all are created equal. We have primarily focused on Cargo Craft of Texas for over 20 years. Our Focus stems from recognizing the differences that set them apart from other cargo trailer manufacturers. With Features like superior build quality, steel tube uprights, triple tube tongue, steel roofing, rear stabilizer jacks, Cargo Craft trailers stand out from the competition. With sizes ranging from 8' to 32', various designs, axles, colors, and interior options, Cargo Craft provides a range of choices to suit your toughest job.

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