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2024 Cargo Craft Cargo Graft FTAC 85202 Car Hauler 1701387555

2024 Cargo Craft Cargo Graft FTAC 85202 Car Hauler

MSRP: $18,990.00 | Regular Price: $17,990.00 | Sale Price: $17,490.00 | Savings: $1,500.00

8.5X20 Charcoal Gray/ Diamond Ice Tandem Axle Flat Top Auto Carrier, Extended Hitch, Generator Platform,...

Stock #: 66236
  • new
  • Broken Arrow, OK
  • 20' or 240"
  • 8' 5" or 101"
  • 7' or 84"
  • 10400

Car Haulers are probably the most misunderstood trailer in the trailer industry. We are going to try and help all the potential car hauler purchasers understand all the potential benefits, and options available to make the best possible decision in selecting the car hauler for you. Car haulers can be used for multiple purposes. we will start with what they were intended for initially. Car haulers https://tinyurl.com/car-haulers are used for exactly what has stayed at hauling cars. They started out with  3500 lb axles and would enable hobbyists, car collectors, or folks with broken down cars to tow their vehicles to events or the mechanic shop. Over time, the car hauler has evolved as people have now begun to trailer four-wheel drives, duallys, and even heavy equipment.


What differentiates one car hauler from another is the frame structure, design, and axles. Basic car haulers will typically be made with c channel Steel and have 3500 lb axles under the trailer. The deck is typically made of treated wood, in some cases, it can be made with a steel tread plate deck. These car haulers will get the job done however they are limited in their carrying capacity which is rarely considered a time of purchase. The main driver for a basic car carrier is the price point. Most of the time folks that purchase basic car carriers do not have an understanding of carrying capacity, and axle sizes.  Unfortunately, sometimes salespeople will actually misguide them, and tell them that the basic car carrier will get the job done for all vehicles.  This is where the misconception comes into play.  many people do not understand that The GVWR gross vehicle weight rating is there for a specific reason. Many people will overload the trailers with vehicles that exceed the capacity and damage their trailers, or even get into an accident as a result of overloading.

Rawmaxx Wingman Car Hauler Equipment Trailer


 The basic car hauler is not designed to carry heavy vehicles or trucks. Typically these trailers will have a capacity of around 3500 lb. This is usually the weight of a midsize car. When you get into the large vehicle and or truck segment of the market you need to have something with at least two 5,200 lb axles, or even better 7,000 lb axles. This will give you more than enough capacity to handle the biggest vehicles, trucks, duallys, and even heavy equipment.


As mentioned earlier today's car haulers have become multi-purpose car haulers/equipment trailers. These trailers are very different because they are typically made out of I-beam rather than C channel. I beam is the top-of-the-line structural Integrity in a trailer. You cannot get better quality steel, or strength trailer than I-Beam frame construction and.  An I beam car hauler with heavy axles such as 5200 lb axles, or 7,000 lb axles is a Titan when it comes to hauling anything from a small vehicle all the way to a dually. Additionally, these car haulers can double as equipment haulers and can carry skid steers, and small tractors, and typically have an overall capacity of 9,500 to 10,000 lb considering a trailer weight of 4,000 to 4,500 lb of Steel and components. 

Diamond C Equipment Hauler


There are several incredibly well-built Car Haulers manufactured by Diamond C, Rawmaxx, and Delco that can manage car hauling and double during the week to carry your Kubota skid steer, or a Ford F350 dually.  Be sure to have a clear understanding of what you will be hauling and make the right decision by understanding the axle options and what you plan on carrying on your car hauler.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us on the phone or website at Tel. 918-251-4496 or website www.centraltrailerok.com


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